Patiently waiting for my episode to load, so I just sketched this up. ouo/ I’m rewatching Inuyasha for the voice. -shot- 

Hey, sorry for up and leaving for months.

Haven’t lost interest, just kind of lost the email for this tumblr.

I’ll be updating this blog with some inuyasha edits a few times a week, but it won’t be all that active. My new personal is where I’ll probably post the edits, then just reblog them here. 


5 Favourite Inuyasha Themes (in no specific order): 02 - Season 5 Ending.
“The crimson-stained sun has illuminated everything; now and the past is what I have imagined within this twilight more than my own hands can accomplish?” - 
Shinjutsu No Uta by Do As Infinity.